Clarifying the future of emergency ambulance service in Siouxland in 2018

Clarifying the future of emergency ambulance service in Siouxland in 2018

There has been a lot of talk recently about Siouxland Paramedics ceasing operation at the end of the year.

That is not the case.

They will continue to provide certain services.

With the Siouxland Paramedics no longer providing emergency service at the beginning of the year, it has left the cities of North Sioux City, South Sioux City, and Sioux City to draft new agreements and new plans to provide emergency 911 services.

In, South Sioux City, South Sioux City Fire Rescue already offers its own emergency ambulance service, only working with SPI when their regular ambulance is already on a call.

Until the end of the year, South Sioux will continue using SPI as a backup, paying them 200 dollars per call.

In North Sioux City, they will try to continue their partnership with Sioux City Fire Rescue, that community's Fire Rescue department is in the process of negotiating with Sioux City Fire Rescue to see if they will provide the services SPI currently offers the residents of North Sioux City.

North Sioux City Fire Chief Bill Pappas told us they are exploring other options just in case, but says he's not going to leave the nearly three hundred and fifty residents who use the service each year stranded.

Finally, Sioux City Fire Rescue won approval Monday at Sioux City's City council meeting, they will start a civilian paramedic division that will provide emergency services only.

This new division will hire twenty seven people and cost about $600,000 dollars.

We spoke with Karen Van De Steeg of Siouxland Paramedics and she says that non-emergency transports will continue but the 911 responses will cease at midnight on January 1st.

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