Classic Rock radio host holds weekly trivia night at downtown pub

Classic Rock radio host holds weekly trivia night at downtown pub

Playing trivia can be a lot of fun and for some, it can also be profitable!

The players can win more than bragging rights. And it can be a win- win for business owners too. We visited the Thursday Trivia Night at McCarthy and Bailey's to find out why.

The restaurant and bar Pearl Street is giving cheers to another kind of fun. Every Thursday night the restaurant has another "special" on its menu: trivia.

The Thursday night crowd has grown to numerous teams and people of all ages answering a wide variety of questions like "How many planets in our solar system have moons?" asked Anderson.

For more than a year, Anderson also known as Big Daddy on Classic Rock 99.5 radio, has been hosting the contest.

"You know the thing about this is you get to win a hundred bucks. I like it because it's good for the whole family. We have families that come down here and play. There's one family that's called the Booger Family that gets together and there's all kinds of different ages, different questions, and as far as the hundred dollar cash goes people don't even play for the cash anymore. They play for the bragging rights," said Anderson.

"We just really like to learn, we like to compete and have a lot of fun," Maureen Nelson.

"The amount of fun people have, just coming out as a group and hanging out getting a chance to talk," said Daniel Revell, bartender at McCarthy and Bailey's.

"It's something to do every Thursday, get with some friends and do some trivia, have a few drinks, have dinner, and have a good time," Jessie Vermilyea.

"Big Daddy does a great job hosting. McCarthy and Bailey's does a great job. They usually have specials," said Matt Winter.

McCarthy and Bailey's owner Nick Gunn said this is the first of its kind in downtown Sioux City and it's helped boost his business.

"You come up here and you sign up and you go with a team name and you're automatically ready to go, you can play and win a hundred dollars if you're a winner," said Gunn.

Big Daddy also hosts a trivia game every Friday night at 5 at P's Pizza in Le Mars.

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