Dakota City unveils their new fire station

Dakota City unveils their new fire station

Today the Dakota City Fire Department unveiled their new $2 million facility.

With the snip of some scissors the Dakota City Fire and Rescue now has a new place to call home after almost five years of planning.

Fire Chief Clint Rasmussen said, "It's been a long process but it's been worth it. And now we get to live today to say it's a dream come true and we're in it."

Their new home, a $2.2 million facility, will make life a whole lot easier for the department, who once had to gather their equipment from Jackson, Nebraska.

"It's best to have all our equipment in one building, to better serve the community if all our equipment is in one house or one area," said Rasmussen.

And as firetrucks and the equipment continues to get larger, Chief Rasmussen said they planned for that as well.

Rasmussen said, "We built it to expand, firetrucks aren't getting any smaller these days. So we definitely built it for the community, for expansion down for the future also."

Mayor Jerry Yacevich says raising sales tax by half a cent and bringing other departments in the county into the mix was key to getting this project done.

Yacevich said, "Once we seen the figures and we once again got everyone thinking together with the fire department, city council, everybody together, we came up with this half cent sales tax, lets give this a shot. During that process we were able to include Homer and Emerson since their in the county also with us."

Not only will this be an effective tool for Dakota City Fire Rescue it will also be a great addition for the Dakota City community.

"It's not just our fire station, it's everybody's, it's the communities fire station. This is there's too," said Rasmussen.

Along with the new station the department also got some new equipment.

Most of the new equipment is from EMS grants, among the new devices the department can now use is a Defibrillator and a Lucas device.

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