Family 411 - Benefits of home health care

Family 411 - Benefits of home health care

Home health care is a fast growing industry.

Your loved one can stay in familiar surroundings for treatment, which speeds up recovery.

Joe Parsons is a welcome sight for Ron Balyeat each time he steps foot into his living room.

Joe is Ron's home health nurse.

The way the two swap stories, you'd think they were family.

During their chats, Joe checks Ron's vitals, and aks how the healing is coming along for a wound on his left foot.

"I started exercising, doing some walking and I ended up getting a blister on this foot and it turned into an open sore clear down to the bone,” said Ron.

House calls like this are part of a growing trend.

Joe says the need for home health care is much stronger than it was 20 years ago.

“Now you have a hip or knee replaced in the morning and at night they're going home, and after they get home, we slide right in the next morning, we get therapy started,” said Joe.

Joe says home care gives people the ability to recover at a faster pace.

"In the hospital you're in a strange environment, there's more germs in the hospital than your own home,” said Joe. “Sleep. You don't have nurses coming in every couple of hours.”

Nurses like Joe also help doctors gauge a patient's needs.

“They may need transportation set up, they may need extra physical therapy, extra occupational therapy in the home that wasn't ordered yet,” said Joe.

This is actually the second time Joe has cared for Ron.

He brings along what he needs for each home visit.

“We have everything a hospital has to offer,” said Joe. “We don't do radiology in the home, but we have about everything else to bring to the home to make it easier.”

Ron believes he'd be in the hospital if it weren't for the special attention he gets from Joe.

"They not only care about you personally, they care about your injuries and they care about your recovery,” said Ron. “What more can you ask for?

Ron is on the tail end of his healing, and his forward thinking might also have something to do with it.

“(I) would like to buy another Harley and go riding again,” said Ron. “I haven't done that for a long time.”

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