UPDATE: Driver and passengers facing multiple charges after high-speed chase on I-29

Four in custody after I-29 pursuit

MAY 11, 2017 7:00 P.M.: The first person arrested and booked into jail was Diego Cancino.

He's charged with speeding, reckless driving and possession of marijuana.

Also arrested were 18- year- olds Yehudi Reyes and Mathew Aguilar, both of whom are charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The fourth person arrested was a minor.

Cancino is now being held on $3,700 dollars bond.

Reyes is being held on $1,900 dollars bond, and and Aguilar is being held on $1,600 dollars bond.

MAY 11, 2017 5:00 P.M. Following a high- speed chase that started in South Dakota, four people are in custody and facing a long list of charges after a search by dozens of officers near the Riverside exit of I-29.

It was quite a scene earlier this morning as several police officers and different agencies were surrounding the on ramp here near Riverside Boulevard.

Basically, a black Audi A4 hopped over the curb and then made its way down into this embankment before the four people inside tried to get out and escape.

Two of the four people were arrested immediately after speeding on the interstate, going over 120 miles an hour at one point.

We know one of the individuals arrested was Diego Cancino.

The car was first spotted going northbound from Iowa into South Dakota at a high rate of speed and then u-turned at Exit 2 in North Sioux, running a red light in the process before making their way back to the Riverside exit.

"All four subjects got out of the car and took off running. Two were apprehended at the scene and the other two ran and got caught by Sioux City Police Officers at an undisclosed location from where we're at right now," said North Sioux City Police Chief Richard Headid.

Chief Headid says there were some drug related items inside the car when it was later searched.

It was heard over the police scanner that the two that were caught by Sioux City Police had tried to steal a bike close to the river front but were unsuccessful.

Some of the charges against Cancino and the people in the car includes speeding, reckless driving and possession of Marijuana.

He is now being held on $3,400 dollars bond.

As of right now, the other three have not been charged and police haven't said whether the Audi had been stolen.

MAY 11, 2017 12:25 P.M.: Police have four occupants in custody after they fled their vehicle during a pursuit on I-29.

Just before 10:45 am, Police scanner traffic indicated a car traveling over 100 mph headed into South Dakota.

Once the car was in South Dakota, it made a u-turn and headed back into Iowa.

The driver of the car crashed on grass at the southbound I-29 and Riverside exit and all occupants fled toward the river trail.

Police, K-9 and Marshal units were all searching the area for the occupants.

Scanner traffic indicated that all four were taken into custody around 11:30 am.

Two were arrested at the scene and two arrested at another location.

Siouxland News was on scene and will have the full story tonight at 5 pm.

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