Gausman to continue as Superintendent in Siouxland

Gausman to continue as Superintendent in Siouxland

Sioux City's public school superintendent is talking about his decision to drop out of the race to be Omaha's superintendent.

Saturday Dr. Paul Gausman along with the other finalist, Dr. Khalid Mumin of Reading, Pennsylvania, issued a joint statement announcing they were dropping out and that neither one of them felt they had strong support from Omaha's Board of Education. Gausman tells us he now plans to continue pursuing the goals he's set for the Sioux City District.

"We recently unveiled a new strategic plan for the district which will carry us for several years, and that work needs attention, and it needs a strong team, which we have here. Ultimately, I wanted to remain a part of this team and to do that kind of work," said Gausman.

Gausman is proud of the success the district has achieved and plans to remain in Sioux City for quite some time.

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