Highway 20 construction project update

Highway 20 construction project update

It's a construction project decades in the making and its supporters say the work to finish expanding Highway 20 to four lanes across the state of Iowa is benefiting communities across the state.

Work on Highway 20 is moving right on track with all the work expected to be completed by November 1st of 2018.

At today's U.S. 20 Corridor Association annual meeting spirits were high with the project seeing great progress.

In Holstein, for instance, traffic is already on the new westbound lanes.

The project will affect a large portion of Iowa and is already having major economic impacts on communities that highway twenty runs through.

Shirley Phillips, President of U.S. 20 Corridor Association said, "As it progresses even those communities that aren't totally open to it yet they are seeing economic development. It takes local investment, it always takes local investment, it just doesn't happen. So it's those communities that are willing to work together that can do this."

While the communities need to work together, one of the engineers on the project said there has been a collaborative effort to get this project done, with only mother nature able to slow it down now.

"There's been a lot of people that have been involved in clearing the way to get to this point. And yes, at this point we can see the end of the tunnel. And we can see the completion coming, our biggest obstacle we could have from now till then that we envision will be weather, what happens next spring," said Tony Lazarowicz, the DOT District 3 Engineer.

The expected extra traffic has some communities considering expanding the highway even more, with the community of Lawton considering adding a 5th lane.

So far this is just an idea with nothing set in stone and no traffic study being done as of yet.

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