UPDATE: Levon Dean re-sentenced

UPDATE: Levon Dean re-sentenced

The younger brother of Jamal Dean will get out of Federal prison 3 years early thanks to a Supreme Court decision earlier this year

Federal Judge Mark Bennett re sentencing Levon Dean this morning after having the case sent back to him by the Supreme Court in April.

The high court ruled that Bennette could sentence Dean to just one day more than the mandatory minimum he faced for two of his five charges.

Dean's family say they're grateful for the decision.

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One of the Dean Brothers is back in Woodbury County, to be re-sentenced in Federal Court later this week.

28-year-old Levon Dean is serving a 35-year sentence for his role in a drug robbery back in 2012.

30 years of the sentence is mandatory, but the other five were added at the discretion of Judge Mark Bennett.

Earlier this year, the US Supreme Court ruled that Bennett could have sentenced Dean to less time on the charges with no mandatory minimums.

His new sentencing hearing will take place Thursday in Federal Court in Sioux City.

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