Local 9th Graders help make a difference in Siouxland with area non-profits

Local 9th Graders help make a difference in Siouxland with area non-profits

Students at North Middle School are making a difference in their community by helping out local non-profit organizations.

As part of their English curriculum, freshman students chose 12 non-profits in Siouxland and developed brochures, a fundraising campaign, videos and more to present to their chosen organizations.

"We came together as a group to raise funds for Jackson Recovery. We just feel that it's really important to volunteer in the community," said Jolie Dickson.

When we first started this project, we had two choices, glad we chose Jackson Recovery. It helps, it's nice to make people feel better and help them change," said Chase Foix.

This was the first time students have done a project like this at North High School.

"These are freshman, you have no resources, they are not college kids. because we have people come in and say college kids were doing similar things but these freshman rocked it without any outside resources," said teacher Sarah Storm.

"The goal of Jackson Recovery Centers is to recreate a recovery center in Siouxland and to raise awareness about the disease addiction and these kids just knocked it out of the park," said Kim Wilson of Jackson Recovery Center.

Other non-profits chosen fo this project include Pheasants Forever, Warming Shelter, Mary Elizabeth Day Care, Woodbury County Community Action Agency just to name a few.

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