Local elementary students take a step back in time for a "Great Americans" presentation

It was an afternoon of making history come true at one Siouxland elementary school.

Nearly 40 5th graders at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in South Sioux City, dressed up and played the parts of historical and current figures for the "Great American" Wax Museum.

From Ellen Degeneres to Oprah Winfrey and Abraham Lincoln, each student pretended to be a famous person, and recited a quote of that famous person.

We spoke with Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross and Elvis Presley.

"I was fascinated by the things that she did and the things that she was doing for our country so it made me inspired," said Viridiana.

"I felt like I could be good at imitating him and I was really interested by his life. Thank you, thank you very much," said Ivan.

This is part of their annual event.

Fifth grade students are from Mr. Cleave and Mrs. Merill's classes.

"We have a lot of different great Americans from history here who are just showcasing what it means to be a great American to do great things in our country and these kids are learning so much from this experience at the wax museum," said teacher Nicholas Cleave.

"So it's amazing to watch 5th graders really understand and engage with what they've learned about specific great Americans of the past," said Nebraska's Commissioner of Education Dr. Matthew Blomstedt.

The event was public and many kids and their families also attended the Wax Museum.

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