Mothers of Tanzania bus crash survivors speak up for the first time

Grace Christopher (left) and Neema Matemba (right) give thanks to the doctors and surgeons who saved their children's lives.

"We are really, very happy, happy, happy," said Neema Matemba, Wilson's mom.

Words from two very grateful mothers.

"But we all look to God for his blessings to you," said Grace Christopher, Doreen's mom.

Tuesday morning, Matemba and Christopher spoke for the first time in public since they arrived in Sioux City Monday afternoon.

"Thank you very much for what you have done," said Matemba.

Together, they gave thanks to the doctors and surgeons who stepped up and helped save the lives of the only three survivors. Matemba's son Wilson, Christopher's daughter Doreen and another young girl who Sadia.

The only survivors of a bus crash that killed 36 young children, after the bus skidded off the road near the river and plunged into a gully.

"With Dr. Kisinger and people from J and J, probably up to $100,000 of orthopaedic equipment and Larry, Steve, Joyce, the entire staff at Mercy, these kids everyday have more hope to have a normal, fruitful and productive life," said Dr. Steve Meyer, Siouxland Tanzania Education Medical Ministries Director and CNOS Orthopedic Surgeon.

STEMM and Mercy say they will give an update on the condition and treatment plan for the third patient on Friday.

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