MRHD helps SCPD purchase a SWAT robot with a $15,000 grant

MRHD helps SCPD purchase a SWAT robot with a $15,000 grant

The Sioux City Police Department has a new device to aid officers on the SWAT team.

Missouri River Historical Development provided the city a $15,000 dollar grant to help buy a new robot, which was shown off tonight at MRHD's monthly meeting.

That robot will allow Sioux City's SWAT team to keep officers out of danger by sending the bot in first, adding an extra set of eyes to any potentially dangerous situation.

"We'd be able to put it in a situation where we would want some eyes or where we'd want to look into a facility but we didn't want to risk a person. We could use a robot and go in and get a layout and see what was inside without having to risk an officer or a canine," said Sergeant Ryan Bertrand.

The robot has two cameras, can climb stairs, and is very durable.

The $15,000 dollar grant from MRHD offset most of the $25,000 dollar total cost.

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