New B&B opening in honor of family's lost loved one

New B&B opening in honor of family's lost loved one

There is a new way to stay in Sioux City. That new way is courtesy of the Linda Sue Manor.

The Linda Sue Manor, located at 2822 Jackson Street, had it's soft opening in March.

The soft opening occurred to see how a B&B would do in Sioux City.

With patrons coming in at a steady pace the Linda Sue Manor looks like it's going to be around for awhile.

Welcome to the Linda Sue Manor, the inviting home was once the childhood home of Brittany Lesline.

Now the house will be turned into a bed and breakfast all on the wishes of Brittany's mother, Linda Sue Conolly.

"What a better way to honor her then give her this name and make her dream kind of live, cause I think she kind of wanted to do this even they were to eventual move before she got sick. So we thought this is perfect, let her memory live on through this house," said Brittany Lesline, the caregiver at the manor.

The house boasts five rooms for patrons to choose from with a sixth one to follow.

Built in 1898 the Linda Sue Manor was originally named the Haley House. And not only does it have significant meaning to the Conolly's but also to the city of Sioux City.

Lesline said, "This and a few others in town were actually part of the Underground Railroad System and there's still tunnels underneath."

Tunnels are just one of the things that make the manor a historical site, the house also has the first telephone used in Sioux City.

Other than the historical aspect, Lesline says the Linda Sue Manor will attract customers due to it's location and look.

"What a more beautiful home to do it in. And I mean we are right in the middle of the heart of Sioux City. And there's so much to do here. And I think it's nice to stay in a home, somebody's home, compared to a hotel and you kind of get that hometown vibe," said Lesline.

And this is just Lesline and her father's way of sharing Linda's love of the house with everyone.

"When we lost my mom he decided this is a perfect house, perfect opportunity, and maybe she even had a say in it you know, from the grave, I don't know how you want to say that but to share this with everybody," said Lesline.

Rates to stay at the Manor range anywhere from $60 to $100 depending on what day of the week, what time of the year, and what room you request.

Lesline said they are planning a ribbon cutting and an official grand opening at the beginning of next year.

If you'd like to learn more about Linda Sue Manor, find them on Facebook.

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