Iowa farmer is helping people use solar energy to save hundreds on electricity

Iowa farmer is helping people use solar energy to save hundreds on electricity

A Northwest Iowa farmer is helping people with a new way to save hundreds of on your electricity and propane bill, thanks to a solar energy generator.

We stopped by Hinton to learn more about the Hog Power Energy.

Just six miles east of the town, fifth generation Iowa resident and farmer Dolf Ivener has his Hinton treasure. That treasure is what he calls Hog Power Energy, a solar generator all powered by sunshine.

The Hog Power Energy provides energy savings and backup power solutions to hog confinements.

"The reason why we're using hog confinements is their electricity consumption matches the solar consumption," said Ivener.

The Hog Power Energy not only uses the power of the sun, but also power inverters and batteries working like a microgrid.

"It can control and knows how much electricity you're using and when you're using it."

And with approximately 70,000 hog confinements across the country, Dolf said Hog Power Energy would solve many problems environmentally and economically

"The solar panels come with a 25 year warranty, the inverters with a 12 year warranty, the batteries with a ten year warranty," said Ivener.

Dolf calls it a new energy choice, a choice he hopes the hog industry will utilize.

"I've never seen something like it. It's pretty cool, it's awesome," Cale Ivener, Dolf's son.

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