Police investigating multiple assaults in Siouxland

Police investigating multiple assaults in Siouxland

On Sunday, a female student at Morningside College was grabbed from behind in an attempted attack from what's believed to be from a white male in his late 20's to early 30's.

It happened just after 9 o'clock that night outside of the HPER center on campus.

She was able to fight off the suspect and he immediately took off.

But less than 15 minutes after this incident, another one occurred.

"Within 15 minutes there was another assault called that came in at the Comfort Inn on South Lakeport Road," Lori Noltze, an officer at the Sioux City Police Department said.

A woman working at the front desk was approached by a man who's believed to have been wearing a navy blue bandanna blocking his face along with a hoodie, with a similar build as the suspect at Morningside College.

"At that location," Noltze said, "a male came behind the counter and grabbed the female party. She also fought him off and she was able to call 911, at which point, he left."

These two situations are fairly similar to ones that took place at the Fairfield Inn back at the beginning of January.

In that incident a man with the same description tried attacking two girls inside the hotel.

Officer Noltze says while all of these attacks are fairly similar, they can't yet confirm that it's the same suspect.

"Right now," she said, "it's too early to tell 100%, for sure, if it's the same person. Obviously with the time and the distance it could be the same person but we do not know that 100%, for sure, right now."

Rick Wollman of Morningside College says despite Sunday's assault, student's should still feel safe to walk around campus.

"Incidents like the one the other night on campus are rare," he said. "They aren't a common occurrence on our campus."

And Officer Noltze says if you don't feel safe, contact campus security or local law enforcement.

"Definitely, there's safety in numbers and you're less likely to get assaulted if you have multiple people with you or more than one person with you," she said.

Sioux City Police are looking for what's believed to be a white male around 6'2 with a slim build.

If you see anything suspicious or someone you believe may be the suspect police is looking for, law enforcement asks that you call their non-emergency line or crime stoppers.

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