Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist and Siouxlander "Ding" Darling works now on display

*Ding* Darling Works on Display

The work of a two- time Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist from Sioux City is now on display at the Sioux City public museum.

Jay "Ding" Darling grew up in Sioux City and worked for the Journal before going to the Des Moines Register in 1906.

Darling was passionate about politics and conservation and his work was widely circulated throughout the country.

"It's a little hard to appreciate now but before television and when radio was in its early days, the editorial cartoonist in the newspaper was often times the real stars in the media world," said Matt Anderson.

This national, touring exhibit of Darling's work will be on display at the museum through August 13.

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