Reaching a milestone: Camp High Hopes celebrates its 5th Anniversary

Camp High Hopes 5th Anniversary Celebration.PNG

Sioux City's very own non-profit group, Camp High Hopes celebrated its 5th anniversary.

Hundreds of campers and the community gathered for this milestone.

We stopped by the celebration earlier today to catch up with the campers.

"I'm good. I love these guys. I love Neil and I love this lady," said Tiffani Johnson, a Camp High Hopes Camper, "I love being here, it's my home."

A home, where the long-time camper loves climbing the monkey climbing tree.

"My second home. The counselors are like my brother, my sisters. They're amazing. Love camp high hopes," said Johnson.

Johnson is just one of the thousands of kids and adults who has participated in the program which started in Sioux City in 2012.

"We still see new campers come, we're still growing, we've got capital construction projects that coming," said Chris Liberto, Camp High Hopes Executive Director.

"We see a lot of people come and that's what we want, we want to continue to be not just a camp for individuals with disabilities but a place that Siouxland can come and take part in," said Liberto.

Campers come to enjoy a wide variety of activities like canoeing, fishing, archery and much more.

"And now she just got to go to camp three weeks ago and did the full long week camp and just loves every part of it right?" said Lori Emery.

"Yeah I want to come back," said Andrea Emery.

"Emma will be back next summer and hopefully she'll do some more archery," said Teri Larkin.

"It's just been awesome to be here for five years," Hanna Merica, Camp High Hopes' 2017 Smile Ambassador.

And to mark the 5 year anniversary, a special ribbon cutting Saturday morning as hundreds of people, campers, their families, volunteers, community members and the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce celebrated a memorable milestone.

A milestone for first generation camper Karlee Hughes, who donated $400 of the money she received from her birthday gifts, back to Camp High Hopes.

"It felt good, because I don't know, I just wanted something to give to them for their anniversary so," said Hughes.

And more big news for the local non-profit, Camp High Hopes also announced a grant awarded by the Gilchrist Foundation. That foundation will match dollar for dollar that's donated to the camp's Endowment Fund up to $100,000.

For more information on Camp High Hopes, click here.

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