Red Cross honors the heroes of Siouxland

Red Cross honors the heroes of Siouxland

Some Heroes of the Heartland were honored tonight by the American Red Cross at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Those outstanding individuals demonstrated courage, compassion, unselfish character, and even extraordinary acts of heroism.

Among those honored were Monica Kavanaugh of Whiting for her compassionate care of a cancer patient, Trent Gosch, who saved the life of a driver injured during a blizzard. and he gave the driver CPR until help arrived. And James Langhorst, who serves a volunteer at Mercy Medical Center providing hope and support to people during the darkest times of their lives.

"We've got people who were by the bedside of a gentlemen when he was in hospice care and so we really want people to just look at their own lives and what can they do to make a difference," said Tammy Lee, Executive Director of the American Red Cross.

A silent auction was also held as part of the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Red Cross.

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