Sioux City Fire and Rescue hosts Siouxlanders to educate them on car seat safety

Sioux City Fire and Rescue hosts Siouxlanders to educate them on car seat safety

Car seat safety is something that many parents think they are doing right but according to the stats that just isn't the case.

And for nearly fifteen years the Sioux City Fire and Rescue has put this tutorial on trying to help every parent better understand car seat safety.

If you have kids or are thinking about having kids someday, car seats will definitely be a big part of your life.

The biggest issue with car seats is that they can give even the smartest parents a hard time.

That's why the Sioux City Fire and Rescue lead by their certified technicans taught Siouxlanders how to properly install their car seats.

First time mother, Annie Pierce said, "Car seats are difffcult, they're hard to put in, I mean there's instructions but there's so many different aspects of it, is this tight enough, is the strap in the right spot. It was really nice to get that information."

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, car seat use reduces the risk for death to infants by over 70% and for toddlers by over 50%.

Nine out of every ten car seats are installed incorrectly, a stat that Amy Scarmon, the safe kids coordinator at Mercy Medical Center, wants to change.

Scarmon said, "Our role here is to just educate them. We want to make sure people understand everything about their seat, their vehicle, and if that they ever were to be in a crash that their child is going to be safe."

Educating Siouxlanders is just part of the process. The other half is demonstrating the proper way to install the seat.

Captain Dustin Johnson of Sioux City Fire and Rescue said, "Sometimes the instructions that come included may not explain quite well, so it helps to have someone explain how to do it. And then we actually have the parents or grandparents install the seat themselves before they leave."

And the education that is provided could save your child's life.

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