Sioux City's Blue Zones Project hosts first event

Sioux City's Blue Zones Project hosts first event

About 150 Sioux Citians had a chance to experience their first Pop-Up Park this evening.

The Pop Up Park was a first for Sioux City's Blue Zones Project. The event took place at the George Street Children's Park off George and 15th street. It was a chance for people in the neighborhood to participate in various activities coordinated by local organizations including the Sioux City Police Department and several businesses.

"We've got people who were by the bed sides of a gentlemen when he was in hospice care. We really want people to just look at their own lives what can they do to make a difference," said Denise Salem, Community Coordinator.

Organizers hope to continue hosting Pop Up Parks in other neighborhoods throughout the Spring and summer. In Sioux City alone there are nearly 60 parks and more than 1,700 acres of green space.

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