Siouxland Elementary school getting active to save lives

Siouxland Elementary school getting active to save lives

Some people count their steps in an effort to stay healthy, but imagine if every step you took could help save another person's life.

One Siouxland elementary school where kids are doing their part to help save lives, one step at a time.

UNICEF, an organization who's main goal is to help children all across the globe, partnered with nearly 100 students and teachers from West Sioux Elementary in Hawarden to get kids active but also help save lives of children in impoverished countries.

So how does it work?

These bands keep track of every step the students take, 2500 steps is one point, 10 points earns a therapeutic food packet that UNICEF distributes for a child in a malnourished country.

Approximately 150 of these packets save one child's life.

Mrs. Vande Slunt's 5th grade class had a goal to accomplish this feat, something that was accomplished rather quickly once they all put their mind to it.

"And that first time that we hit that first 150, we like all wooed and I swear the whole school heard it, and one of the kids was just like we saved a kid, this is so awesome, I feel so great," said Vande Slunt.

So what are the kids thoughts on helping out?

"If I was in that situation it would just be really hard and I don't want anyone to have to go through that," said Carter Van Wyhe, a student who hit 1 million steps.

Autumn Beach, a student who has over 800,000 steps said, "I didn't know that a kid in fifth grade like me could save a whole bunch of other kids in other countries."

While this program is for a great cause, Vande Slunt hoped her kids got the most out of the program.

Vande Slunt said, "We were hoping that maybe this program would give them a little bit of an appreciation for what they do have. And it's a simple way they can help."

And for all the kids who took part in the program they have amazing, well they can say it better than I can....Kid Power.

Each kid will get to keep their band to continue their progress over the summer.

A lot of the kids have reached over 500,000 steps with their goal to hit at least 1 million steps by the end of the summer.

To learn more about this program visit:

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