Siouxland Ethanol celebrates 10th Anniversary

Siouxland Ethanol celebrates 10th Anniversary

A local ethanol plant is celebrating its 10th anniversary today.

Siouxland Ethanol in Jackson, Nebraska became operational in May of 2007.

That plant consumes 27 million bushels of corn each year, turning it into 80 million gallons of ethanol.

Today, the 40 employees of Siouxland Ethanol enjoyed a barbecue, while leading guests on tours of the plant.

Pam Miller, Chairman of the Board for Siouxland Etanol said, "10 years is a great milestone, we've worked really hard to get here, we worked hard to get started and we're really enjoying the fruits of our labor. It's been a great experience and our company's been very successful and we're happy to be apart of our Siouxland area here."

One of those special guests getting a tour of the plant was Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

"The Siouxland Plant is really important because they'll use anywhere between 24 to 28 million bushels of corn and eighty percent of that comes from the twenty miles around here. They're a big part of how we have that golden triangle here in Nebraska between corn, ethanol and livestock to grow our state," said Gov. Ricketts.

In addition to ethanol, the plant also produces nearly 200,000 tons of distillers' grain, and 27 million pounds of corn oil each year.

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