Siouxland organization helping senior citizens stay safe online

Siouxland organization helping senior citizens stay safe online

Senior citizens are becoming more active online and with that comes knowledge of the web and the possibility of online fraud.

Ann Olson, of Home Instead Senior Care says this knowledge is something many seniors are lacking.

Olson said, "They're just more vulnerable, they're not, they're not as familiar with being online. And that causes issues with them."

And according to Olson these scams are more common on the internet than ever before.

"There are scams all the time. There's multiple scams going around. The IRS scam, letters from the IRS, via email saying the seniors owe money. Asking for immediate payment. So it's a continual trend," continued Olson.

So Home Instead Senior Care are doing their part in trying to educate senior citizens the best they can.

They've partnered up with the National Cyber Security Alliance to provide online services for seniors.

On their site they have free information, tips on how to protect themselves, and even a quiz for seniors to become more familiar with what's out there on the web.

Olsen says one of the main reasons seniors struggle is their lack of willingness to ask for help.

"I think that is sometimes the best solution for seniors if they truly don't understand how the online world works ask for help from family or a professional care giver," said Olson.

Olson said if you are a senior and get scammed it's important to come forward, as not letting people know is another growing trend for seniors.

Olson said, "They don't want their family to think they can't take care of themselves. And so they keep those things private. So people don't think they aren't understanding what's going on online or their forgetful. It's really important for them to keep their independence."


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