Siouxlanders Celebrate Father's Day

Siouxlanders Celebrate Father's Day

"He's like the best dad that I could ever ask for and I love him so much," said

Words every father enjoys to hear on any day of the week but especially on this day, Father's Day.

Dad's are the superheroes of families, doing the little things that only dads can.

So what exactly is the most rewarding part of being a dad?

"Watching my kids grow every single day, being there for them every time they need me," said Father, Joy Thiphasok.

As someone who doesn't have kids I asked one dad what it's like being a father.

Matt Roeder said, "It's a completely different feeling when they are your own kids, you know them way better than any other kids. You see them all the time so you know what makes them tick and all that so you don't necessarily get with seeing someone else kids."

And Dad's well they are some of the best teachers, so for these Siouxlanders what's been the one thing their father has taught them that they have passed down to their kids?

"Just to take care of my responsibilities and don't let anything get in the way of it. Just make sure your sons, you know, set up," said Eduardo Martinez Jr.

"Be a good person, responsible, and respect others," said Eduardo Martinez Sr.

One characteristic stuck on to Sara Roeder about what makes her husband Matt such a good father.

"He's very very patient with his kids and with me both. Very loving and patient."

What's left to be said? Well I think Mason can say it better than anyone else.

"Happy Father's Day!"

All of us here at Siouxland news hope every dad had a great day with their loved ones, and we want to wish all the loving fathers out there a Happy Father's Day

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