Siouxlanders celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Siouxlanders celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Sunday was the perfect day to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! We sent a crew out to see how some Siouxlanders were celebrating on this hot summer day and to ask them some questions about their love for this perfect desert.

"It's Game of Thrones tonight it's the season premiere so we are binging game of thrones so this was like a break. That was our quest this is a journey for ice cream," said Devon Cadwell.

"I just like chocolate ice cream I don't really go off. A little bit of strawberry a little bit of whip cream on there and I got my vanilla over here. National ice cream day we go off you know we don't just sit around and we ice cream we go around and go to all the little shops and eat all the ice cream we can," said Jeremiah Neeman.

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