Six months after crash, Chad Plante speaks out about overcoming his injuries

Chad Plante at his home in Hinton, IA

Six months ago, doctors told Rosanne Plante, there was no hope for her husband, Chad Plante.

On November 15th, the unthinkable happened. Chad, who once worked as a maintenance engineer was on his way to work, when a city transit bus crashed into his SUV on Lewis Boulevard and Outer Drive in Sioux City. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and two broken legs, and spent weeks in intensive care.

"The recovery was very intensive and very painful," said Chad.

Chad went through months of intense physical and speech therapy at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, and then transferred to Quality Living Incorporated in Omaha, before returning to his Hinton home, three weeks ago.

"Being able to sit up and stand, that is nice. Being able do some of the most trivial things mean a lot to me," said Chad.

Since his return, everything has become a little bit harder for the Hinton couple. They are adjusting to a new way of life. Rosanne is his 24-hour caregiver.

"And so it's just me caring for me, he cannot be left alone, I help him to the bathroom, I help him, his shower, I help him dress, fix his meals, do his laundry," said Rosanne.

Chad receives in-home therapy six times a week.

"He had to re-learn how to swallow, he had to re-learn how to eat, the first solid food was a big deal that he could have," said Rosanne.

"If anything would have went different, I would have been dead," said Chad.

But despite the many challenges, Chad said each small improvement is a big step forward.

"I got a long way to go," said Chad

Rosanne said she's hopeful, knowing full-well, her husband will make a full recovery.

"Tough times don't last, but tough people do, and we are definitely tough," said Rosanne.

Fast forward to tonight, a homecoming celebration for Chad at the Morningside Days parade.

"This is a really nice event to be home to, it's very nice," said Chad.

Doctors say they expect tremendous progress for Chad in the upcoming months.

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