Tax Day Deadline: Today is the last day to file without penalty

Tax Day Deadline: Today is the last day to file without penalty

Have you filed your tax return yet?

If not, don't worry, you've still got a little bit of time and plenty of help is available.

Today is the deadline to file your taxes with the IRS without penalty and it's is one of the busier days for the H&R Block office in Sioux City.

H&R Block's Elizabeth Stewart says they've got more than enough room to help out.

"This being the last day, we typically do see an uptick of people come into our offices. But we still have plenty of room to help anyone who may be a little bit worried about hitting that deadline," said district general manager Elizabeth Stewart.

Stewart says it's important to file today no matter what so the IRS can't hit you with failure to file penalties.

And if worse comes to worse, the organization may still be able to help you before more penalties kick in.

"So for anyone who maybe is looking at having a possible balance due, if it's not filed today, without an extension, you could be facing a penalty for failure to file. Even if you have a balance due and your concerned about how you might pay that, come into our offices we can at least get you filed to avoid that failure to file penalty. And perhaps we can set you up on a payment plan and set something up with the IRS that can work for you," said Stewart.

The H&R block is planning to stay open till 9:00 tonight but will extend those hours if anyone happens to be running behind.

You have until midnight to actually have your returns postmarked.

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