"The Can Farm" now taking cans for redemption in Sioux City

"The Can Farm" now taking cans for redemption in Sioux City

A new can redemption center has opened just off Gordon drive on Correctionville road.

The Can Farm is run by Toni and Barry Haefs, who are former owners of the Redeemed Redemption Center of Le Mars. In 2015, someone else took over the Le Mars redemption center.

This new redemption center will be taking the cans from Sioux City's main grocery stores, Hy-Vee, Fareway, and the WalMart on Singing Hills.

Those stores will no longer take cans.

"They're kind of weening themselves out, some as of today, some March 1st, but they will no longer be taking the cans they will come here. Iowa law states that within ten miles if the building is within ten miles of the grocery store than we can legally be there redemption center and they no longer have to take them within the store," said Haefs.

The Can Farm is now open.

Their hours of operation are from 10AM-6PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM to 2PM on Saturday.

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