Tim Jacobs, running for North Sioux City Mayor

Tim Jacobs, running for North Sioux City Mayor

The current North Sioux City mayor will be facing a new challenger.

Tim Jacobs is running for mayor. He's a part-time city employee and has been a resident in North Sioux for nearly a decade.

He started the Adopt-A-Street program in 2012. Tim and his wife Vikki adopted River Drive in North Sioux. He also serves in the Planning and Zoning committee as well as the Parks and Recreation Board.

"One is Northshore Drive. I think it needs to be widened for sure. Our sewer system is way back that needs to be brought up to date and even for the future which is going to cost quite a bit of money but we have to do it if we're going to have any growth in North Sioux City," said Jacobs.

Tim is challenging the current mayor of North Sioux City, Randy Frederickson. Voting will take place Tuesday, April 11th.

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