Vogel Paint in Orange City gives tour of their more than 90 year old business

Vogel Paint in Orange City gives tour of their more than 90 year old business

It's a factory that can't be missed coming into Orange City; the facility for Vogel Paint.

Vogel Paint Incorporated was established over 90 years ago in the small Dutch Community and is now seeing a major expansion in its powder based paint products.

"The expansion is in place to more than double our current capacity," said Executive Vice President, Jeff Powell.

This multi-floor facility will be adding an additional 91,000 square feet making the building nearly 170,000 square feet.

"It's really about the need and desire of our customer willing to buy more products from us and our need to be able to supply them," Powell said.

The project costs roughly 30 million dollars and will add several more station that take a liquid paint substance, dries it, shoots it up a pipe to be ground up into a powder, to then make its way back down to a box for shipping.

"You kind of name it. If you start to look around, you'll see a lot of products that are just painted and it could very well be a powdered coating that's just applied to those products," Powell said.

Along with the expansion there was another part of the tour that we wanted to check out and it had very little to do with paint.

"They started from an idea from one of our owners," said Vogel.

Mark Vogel, the third generation who's namesake is on all the products, saw these types of tables in Des Moines back in the 90's and loved its craftsmanship.

"This is one of my very favorite tables," said Vogel.

Vogel's Human Resources Director David Vander Werff guided us through the break room in its corporate services building to show their intricate detail that is personalized to different parts of Vogel.

"It really helps us as a company and as employees within the company to stay focused on who we're serving," said Director of Human Resources, David Vander Werff.

By looking at its tradition as well as its future.

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