Volunteers help beautify Siouxland Veteran's grave

Volunteers help beautify Siouxland Veteran's grave

About a dozen volunteers did their part to beautify a grave in Sioux City's Graceland cemetery.

The grave site was of Steve Calhoun, a Sioux City Veteran.

Steven's father got in contact with the organization Support Siouxland Soldiers, who then decided to ask for volunteers to help with the burial site through their Facebook page.

Director for Siouxland Soldiers, Sarah Petersen said, "It's very important for us to remember our veterans and what they've done for our country and our community. This is the least we could do to come out and just make sure that his final resting place is beautiful."

Volunteers came prepared with shovels, water, sod, and all the tools necessary.

The project took close to an hour to complete.

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