Warrior building in downtown Sioux City has a big future

Warrior building in downtown Sioux City has a big future

A historic building in downtown Sioux City is getting a few steps closer to becoming a brand new hotel.

The Warrior building on 6th and Nebraska Streets is in the plans of converting into a Marriott Hotel.

The $56 million project is considered to be a high-end line and will feature 146 rooms, a spa, a gym, as well as a 100 seat restaurant on the first floor, a refurbished ballroom, and a rooftop and much more amenities.

"We are still in the negotiation process with the city council and the city staff. The mayor and city council and Bob Padmore and his staff have been so cooperative and helpful with this process. We're still in that last little bit of this process to get this negotiation finished up and so we hope to do that in the next 30 days," said Roger Caudron, consultant at Weinberg Investments Inc.

According to Caudron, if negotiations with the city go through, construction will begin in Spring of 2018 and last about 16 months, ending sometime summer 2019.

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