Water Quality Improvements in Storm Lake

Storm Lake Lagoons

It's an urban water quality project that's putting Storm Lake on the map for water and soil conservation.

"This is just a great example of the kinds of things that can be done and I think that we'll see more and more of in the future, but Storm Lake is really out in front," says Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey.

Thursday's groundbreaking ceremony kicked off the $250,000 project that will convert old lime lagoons into storm water treatment wetlands.

"Come out and see where that water's going, what kinds of options there are to make water quality improvements, and then what kind of investment it takes to make that all happen. So, it's a great learning opportunity as well as addressing water issues in the meantime," says Northey.

Emmons & Olivier Resources, an engineering firm focused on environmental protection, is spearheading the project that received $100,000 through the Iowa water quality initiative. It will treat 180 acres of storm water to help improve water quality throughout the community.

"Especially before it goes into Little Storm Lake, treating a lot of the pollutants coming off the farm fields up stream, as well as the roadways and parking lots," says Derek Lash, the project manager from EOR.

Buena Vista University will also be taking advantage of the project as an outdoor classroom for their science program.

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