Winnebago seeking land near WinnaVegas Casino


The Bureau of Indian Affairs has sent a letter to the Woodbury County Supervisors asking for information and any comments about 500 additional acres of privately-held land the tribe is seeking to annex near WinnaVegas Casino west of Sloan.

The letter sent to Woodbury County is about a fee to trust application submitted by the tribe for land already owned by the Tribe.

The land that is currently in the Fee to Trust process for those lands purchased east of WinnaVegas Casino in the late 1990s.

In a separate issue, on Friday, Iowa Congressman Steve King and Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry filed a bill in Congress to transfer that land back to the Tribe.

The bill is about the return of numerous acres along the Missouri River that were condemned by the Army Corp of Engineers in the early 1970's.

The purpose was for the construction of a recreational project located at Winnebago Bend.

The project was never initiated by the Corp and eventually they issued a long term lease to the state of Iowa (DNR) to manage the illegally condemned land.

A congressional act is needed to transfer the land title back to the Winnebago Tribe.

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