Campaign 2016 Update

CBS News

This morning we're still waiting to hear if Vice President Biden will run for president.

The Latest Monmouth University poll shows support for the democrat in the lead right now, Hillary Clinton, would dip if Biden were officially in the race.

It was business as usual for Vice President Joe Biden on Monday-no big announcement yet, but when he spoke to members of the military at the White House he mentioned his late son Beau, an Iraq war veteran who reportedly urged Biden to run for president.

"Our son was a good man but no different than every one of those, in that case, soldiers, who got off the flight with him," Biden said.

Biden is said to be in no rush to make a decision, even as Hillary Clinton increases her lead in national polls.

"If you are making your decision about whether to get into a race based your perception on somebody's else standing in the race, that's not likely to be a useful strategy,"said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Clinton will testify before the House Benghazi committee on Thursday...testimony that could last 8 hours. On the republican side Donald Trump continues to lead-he's won virtually every national poll for four months.

"I don't want anybody's money," Trump said. " I'm not selling myself to special interest groups, or insurance companies, or lobbyists."

The Secret Service is reviewing requests for protection from the Trump and Ben Carson campaigns. While Carson has denied the request came from his team, the former neurosurgeon who's second to Trump admitted to receiving many threats.

Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb could drop out of the Democratic race soon.

His support's hovering right around one percent and there are reports the former Virginia Senator is now thinking about running as an independent.