GOP Debate Round 2

The stage is set at the Reagan Library for tomorrow night's CNN Republican Debate in California. Eleven GOP candidates will square off while four lower polling candidates will appear at an earlier debate.

The candidates are putting the finishing touches on debate preps and the nation's ready for "Trump and Company".

"We're going to have so many victories, that at some point they are just going to be coming out of your ears," Donald Trump told a packed crowd at a Dallas Texas Rally Monday.

The Real Estate mogul and GOP frontrunner predicts some of his rivals will quote tear into him to erode his lead. But Trump plans to stay on message. "What I do is I do deals. I deal. I have tremendous energy. Tremendous. To a point where it's almost ridiculous, when you think about it," Trump told the Dallas crowd.

Meantime, second place GOP candidate Ben Carson is also getting ready. "If somebody attacks me whoever it is, I will simply say now that you've completed your gratuitous attack, how about we get back to something important? I'm not going get into the mud with anybody."

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says he will just tell the truth when called upon. "I believe my job is to answer the questions they ask me and to put my message out there. It's not to try to tell somebody what's wrong with the message of some other candidate."

Political experts say some candidates have to step up their game tomorrow night; namely a former Florida Governor with one of the most recognizable names in politics and $100 million in the bank. "I think the candidate with the most at stake is Jeb Bush, says Political Expert Greg Valliere. "He's got to show more fire in the belly. I've been joking he has to switch from decaf to espresso."

Experts say the candidate who 'trumps' Trump with policy issues and not personal attacks will likely emerge victorious in tomorrow night's showdown.

"The problem is if you go after Trump personally, he hits back really hard and usually wins," Valliere says.

Political experts say three other candidates to keep an eye on tomorrow; Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Carly Fiorina.