Israeli soldiers are now deployed across the city of Jerusalem

Eight Israelis have been killed in stabbings, shootings, and when a car was stoned.

Thirty Palestinians have also died. 14 of them identified by Israel as attackers.

Heavily armed Israeli soldiers checked vehicles entering occupied East Jerusalem this morning. The effort, just one of many measures officials are taking to stop a wave of violence in the region, including several random stabbings.

On Wednesday, Israeli authorities shot and killed a Palestinian, who allegedly tried to stab security forces outside Jerusalem's old city.

Another Palestinian, who reportedly stabbed a 70-year-old Israel women at a crowded bus station in the Holy City, was also killed.

As the situation intensifies the Israel government has eased gun laws to allow citizens to defend themselves. So far, officials claim several armed citizens have helped prevent attacks.

The White House is urging both sides to take steps to deescalate tensions:

"Ultimately ending this conflict will require both sides making some difficult decisions," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

Despite calls for calm, Israelis and Palestinians remain deeply divided. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Palestinians of sabotaging the peace process. While Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas blamed the violence on Israel who recently attempted to block Palestinian access to Jerusalem's revered Al-Aqsa mosque.

Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to the region soon to meet with leaders from both sides. Arab Ambassadors at the United Nations plan to meet this morning to talk about the fighting.