New Breast Cancer Treatment Coming to San Antonio

Local doctors are calling it another medical advancement in the fight against the disease.

For patients diagnosed with breast cancer, the feelings are all incredibly overwhelming.

"You don't as a woman want your chest to be removed, and your skin is red and flaky," said Leigh-Ann Goldstein, a breast cancer survivor.

Legih-Ann Goldstein said she remembers those feelings and her first rounds of treatment all too well five years ago.

"The painful part of the first session was they played the Beach Boys. And I was like "do I have to listen to the Beach Boys?'" said Goldstein, "and they were like 'no we can play whatever music for you."

Starting next week, patients can opt for a new type of radiation that targets the disease more effectively.

"The hardware that we have is actually a hardware that we have three cameras. Three dimensional cameras that help with both of these issues," said Virginia Kaklamani, MD.

Dr. Kaklamani said the radiation hardware treats the exact same spot every time the patients undergoes treatment, without affecting other body parts.

"The next day that she comes in, if she's positioned a little differently, the cameras notice it right away, and position her the way in the way that is going to be beneficial because it's going to be exactly the same as the way it was planned for the radiation," said Kaklamani.

"When I hear that there's new targeted radiation that could possibly help one to thousands of women, it's exciting," said Goldstein.

And Leigh-Ann is all for any advancements that will help others through their journey.

"You want to continue hearing that there's advancements. The more targeted, the better, so it's not affecting other parts of the body."