Speaker of the House: Who's Next?

The fight over who's going to replace Boehner is threatening to overtake the fight for the White House.

The race could lead to a big shift in strategy for the Republican Party.

Want one line to summarize the newfound turmoil on the hill?

"It's unchartered territory, we don't know what's going to happen," said Representative Bill Shuster.

From the moment John Boehner announced he's retiring, the future betting and furious begging for votes began.

Will current number 2, Kevin McCarthy, get the gavel?

Would someone from the more conservative side move up?

After all, it was always said Boehner was undercut by tea party members who felt he was too soft.

"Speaker is a tough job, you know, you disappoint people every day," said Representative Mike Conaway.

"Look at the polling. 62 percent of Republicans feel like they've been betrayed by the Republican leadership in Congress," said Representative John Flemming.

"I think if we just move everybody up a notch, in the Washington machine, then we are failing to listen to the message that the American people sent us," said Representative Thomas Massie.

"Right now we're potentially looking at a complete shakeup of Republican leadership depending on how the races go and that means that everyone is involved, everyone's being a whip, everyone's getting called," said Lauren French, POLITICO congressional correspondent.

The backdoor deals and horse trading, says POLITICO's Lauren French, make it almost impossible to predict what the GOP top spots will look like in weeks, maybe even days.

"So they're making their pitches as to why they'd be best for conservatives for the establishment Republicans for the moderate Republicans and this is going to be an incredibly contentious incredibly controversial battle," said French.

Though Boehner had his own warning about supporting those promising a republican revolution.

"You know, The Bible says, 'Beware of false prophets,'" said John Boehner.

By midafternoon Monday it was reported lawmakers were already fed up with the number of calls they were getting from colleagues, asking for their votes.

Needless to say, it'll be a tough, but interesting fight here on the hill.