The Pope Arrives in New York City

The excitement we saw in Washington has certainly moved north here to New York where it seems the city respectfully came to a grinding halt to watch him make his way to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Many telling us it's not just because it's a pope but because it is this Pope and his very specific message

Pope Francis's plane landed at JFK in New York at 5:10 P.M. From a chartered jet, paid for by the reporters that travel with him, he emerged greeted by clergy, children and elated cheers. In one of those special moments, Francis graciously accepted a papal doll.

A brief helicopter ride ushered the Pope to Manhattan where he got in that now famous Fiat which took him to the Pope Mobile. His drive through America's largest city closely resembled that of DC. Barricades, steep security and miles of people lined the street all trying to catch a glimpse of the Holy Father.

"He matters because he speaks for the people in a genuine and humble way that you hear his message," said Darleen Rosada, New York City, NY. "You hear his message for peace."

"Pope Francis has come alive since I've seen, he's the real thing," said Denise Taylor, New York City, NY. "He's authentic. He's from the heart. That's what we've needed."

At St. Patrick's Cathedral, near Rockefeller Center, Pope Francis was greeted by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio. Before 3,400 people, he delivered evening prayers. His first was to the Muslim world after hundreds were killed in Saudi Arabia in a stampede.

"In this moment, I give assurances of my prayers," said Pope Francis. "I unit myself with you all a prayer to almighty God."

Friday will be a full one for Pope Francis as massive crowds greet him at the United Nations, 9/11 memorial, Madison Square Garden and what should be a memorable ride through Central Park 80,000 tickets handed out for that event.