Olympian & East grad Shelby Houlihan talks training, life since Rio, & "adulting"


Sioux city East grad Shelby Houlihan captivated Siouxland's fandom last summer with her first appearance in the Olympics, running in the 5K. She took a moment away from her training to give us an update on life on and off the track.

Siouxland News Sports Director Chris Neyenhouse: On twitter you said you "adulted very hard" and I know you just bought a house. Congratulations on another big life event.

Shelby: Thank you. Yeah, it was a big decision. I actually bought it without seeing it. I flew my parents out here to look at properties for me because I was in the middle of training at altitude. They found this place. I trusted them so I went for it. And I love it here. It's great.

Chris: As long as it's a comfortable place for you to go and sleep after all this running. I mean what has life been like for you since you returned from Rio late last summer?

Shelby: It's been pretty low-key for the most part. Just getting back into training in late November. I had a little bit of an injury for two weeks. In October and November. But it didn't really set me back at all thankfully. I picked up fitness really quickly once I got back into it. I had a great indoor season. And I'm just looking forward to the outdoors and trying to make the world team this summer.

Chris: Your Twitter handle is Shelbo800, and that's because you have been a great 800 meter runner too. You can seemingly run any distance. You just went to Drake in the 1500. Is this set in stone that you're going to try to race in the 2020 Olympics at the 5,000 meter again, or can that change?

Shelby: I think I will probably keep focusing on the 5k. I like it a little more every time I run it. I feel like I'm starting to understand how to run it a little bit. But I do enjoy running 800s and 1500s. Just to kind of mix it up. They're all such different races so it's kind of fun to mix it up a little bit and do different things at different paces. I'm really excited to see how I can improve in the 5K and how I can improve in the next four years. Looking forward to it.

Chris: Well Shelby you dropped the puck on the opening game of the Muskies season. They're in the Clark Cup championships starting this weekend. So I think maybe some of your success has rubbed off on them.

Shelby: I hope so! I'd like to take some credit. But I take no credit, that's awesome. Good to hear.

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