Wagner in as Briar Cliff football coach

Briar Cliff University fired its football coach in November after another losing season, but now the Chargers announce they've hired a Siouxland legend to replace him.

Dennis Wagner was head coach at Wayne State for 8 seasons and was even inducted into the Hall of Fame there in 2005.

He has nearly 40 years of coaching experience, including the 8 at Wayne State and 4 on the staff at Nebraska.

"Football is the reason I'm here, but there's other things we have to address. We got to teach life skills. We got to make sure our guys are eligible. We got to make sure they're good husbands in the future and can take care of their families, because they got a degree," said Wagner. "So there are a lot of things to it that come into that word: culture."

Wagner comes to Briar Cliff from Liberty University in Virginia where he's spent the past 5 years as Associate Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach.

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