Chad SandwellChief Meteorologist

Connect With Chad Sandwell

Chad takes great pleasure in returning to the Midwest where his roots are firmly planted. He loves the challenges that the weather in the Midwest can bring. From winter snows and subzero temperatures to the summer heat that can spawn some of nature's most violent storms.

Having earned his degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas, Chad knows how quickly the weather can change, and how important the weather is to Siouxland.

When not keeping an eye to the sky, which is rare, you will probably find Chad hanging out with his wife Stephanie and his daughter Eryn; or lining up a putt on the local golf course.

Chad has worked for KMEG since 2007, and forecasts for the 5pm and 10pm news on KMEG14 and 9PM on FOX44. If you have any questions about the weather, or just want to know a little more about Chad, feel free to email him at

Chad is certified by the American Meteorological Society