Hometown Farmer: Lansink Organic Farms

This time of year rainy days are hard for farmers like Roger Lansink.

"We need to be going," said Lansink.

He's been farming near Odebolt, Iowa since 1989,and he's been certified organic since 1995.

Right now he really needs to be going after those weeds.

"It's just something you have to learn and you really have to be passionate about to make it work," said Lansink.

It's not just crops, he raises turkeys as well, he even uses a little something special in the barns.

"As far as keeping the ammonia down in the barns, it's just amazing," said Lansink.

They're humates, they come from coal mines.

"We put that down in the barns and that controls the ammonia very well in the barns," said Lansink, pointing out a small bag of humates. "Then it's also a better fertilizer for us when we take it out to the field."

And when the fertilizer goes onto the fields, Roger uses technology like GPS to keep it where it's supposed to go.

"What this shows is that we do stay away from those inlets, because we don't want any leeching to go down into our water and streams either, that's very important to us," said Lansink, while pointing to a GPS map of recent manure distribution.

That care of the land is just one of the practices that won Roger and his wife the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award back on June 14th.

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