Hometown Farmer: A "Growing" Business

From cover crops to cows, even corn and beans, Jolene Riessen and her family do it all on their farm near Ida Grove.

But you could say seeds have become her passion.

"Now here I am," said Riessen. "And I have so much fun doing this."

She graduated with an Animal Science degree from Iowa State back in the early 1980's and she started her own Pioneer seed business about six years ago.

"I can remember when I first started," said Riessen. "I was given a computer, a little bit of training, it was like: Jolene, go sell!"

And she does.

She sells about 12,000 bags of beans & 6,000 bags of corn a year.

She's an inspiration, a female leader in the agriculture world.

"Every once in a while I would kind of notice a barrier, but I don't know, if you want to be in this field you've got to have some grit and determination and the fortitude and the push to do it," said Riessen. "And you can!"

So if you've got a question or two about seeds, from bags to boxes, Jolene Riessen is the woman for you.

Riessen keeps pretty busy off the farm as well. She'll be "adopting" a state representative this summer and she's even planning a pretty fun charity event for the Ida county fair coming up in July.

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