Hometown Farmer: Adopt-A-Farmer

You might wonder how Jim Petrik finds the time to get everything done.He finishes about 5,000 pigs a year."We just got some new nursery pigs in last week right off the sow," said Petrik, speaking in one of his hog buildings.He raises crops and cows."My friends joke that we've got an 'Old McDonald's Farm' here," said Petrik with a laugh.But the Gayville South Dakota farmer still has time to teach.That's because he's adopted. Well... sort of.He's part of the Ag United For South Dakota's "Adopt a Farmer" program.He makes videos every six weeks or so, explaining all the work it takes to run a farm.Then, fourth graders from Rapid City to Sioux Falls watch and learn."Just things that you don't even think to explain, you know, the kids will come up with a great question," said Petrik.That's why he likes making the videos.He gets to hear back from the kids. They send him letters, letting him know they're learning something about what he does.Pigs helping an unconventional school teacher.Telling the story of farming to South Dakota students.If you know of any farmers you'd like to see featured on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at: