Hometown Farmer - Bierman Sales tire changer

Hometown Farmer - Bierman Sales tire changer

When you get a good idea, you can't keep it to yourself!

Steve Bierman couldn't, anyway, when he came up with an invention to make the process of changing those huge tires on tractors a little safer.

Steve recently listed the newest model of his "Dual Changer" on his web site.

The improvement? It's electric.

"It's a 12-volt battery running a hydraulic pump and it's also a battery charger so you can charge it at night," said Bierman, describing his latest invention.

He designs equipment to help change those huge tires on agricultural equipment.

"I sold one to CASE New Holland in Wisconsin at their plant," said Bierman of a recent sale.

Steve says he got the idea after buying a new tractor more than a decade ago.

"It had 46 inch rubber," said Bierman. "So I tried it once by myself and it's too dangerous."

That's how the first model of his "EZ Dual Changer" was born.

It didn't take long for his neighbors to get interested.

"Then I made a few more, took'em to a farm show and I sold'em all," said Bierman. "It's the safest thing I've ever done."

Now, eight years later, he can stand in the midst of his inventions, because the rest, as they say, is history.

"I've sold thousands of them since," said Bierman.

Steve's inventions are sold all around the world.

The equipment is manufactured in Storm Lake and Sutherland, but he assembles everything at his home shop.

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