Hometown Farmer: Brockshus Family Dairy

Bruce Brockshus has been the head of his family farm since 1974.

"My wife and I, we took over from my dad after I got out of the service," said Brockshus."We had four little kids and we milked 60 cows."

Over the years those 60 cows turned into about 500 Holsteins, and the Brockshus Dairy has grown into a real family business.

Bruce's kids help out running the farm and helping milk the cows three times a day.

But Bruce doesn't just work on the farm, he's done a lot for the community as well.

He helped kick start the Western Iowa Dairy Alliance, just one of the things that helped him win the Iowa State Dairy Association's Ralph Keeling Leadership Award.

"We look out for each other, big or small it really doesn't matter," said Brockshus. "So hopefully what little bit I've done has helped."

An Iowa Dairy Farmer doing what he loves and helping promote an entire industry.