Hometown Farmer: Calico Skies Vineyard

Ashlee and Will Kimberley opened Calico Skies Vineyard near Inwood, IA two-and-a-half years ago.

They say the secret to great wine is all on the vines.

"Everything is in the grapes, you know, we don't really make flavors in wine," said Will. "You harvest good grapes and then you try not to screw anything up along the way."

What you might notice first about the grapes: the netting covering them.

"If you don't have netting, you don't have grapes," said Will. "Because the birds will eat your grapes."

September is harvest season.

Once the grapes are pulled off the vines, they're moved inside.

Will and his wife do all the work themselves, from de-stemming to filling the 6,000 gallons worth of storage tanks.

From there, it's on to the barrels to age to perfection.

The two chose the life of hard work that goes along with wine making when they moved to Southern California after college.

The pair even worked at a winery for a while.

"That's where we really got obsessed with it pretty much right away," said Will. "Then my wife had the idea to move back home and start a vineyard."

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