Hometown Farmer: Castle Creek Family Farm

This time of the year you'll see Jerimiah Hinz firing up the old tractor, hooking up an antique plow and heading out to the field.

He's even found a few new ways to keep those old pieces of equipment around, like his grandpa's old corn planter.

"(You can) pull up the packing wheels here and it makes a nice furrow," said Hinz, adjusting the old John Deere planter. "So that way I can use it to mark my rows and plant my onions."

But for Jerimiah, doing things the old fashioned way means more than just antique equipment.

"Yeah," said Hinz. "It ends up being a lot of work."

The crops at Castle Creek Family Farm aren't treated with chemicals, everything's all natural and a lot of the work's done by hand.

Soon, you'll see a little bit of everything poking up in Castle Creek fields near Newcastle, Nebraska.

Jerimiah and his family started the farm back in 2011 with an idea: Community Supported Agriculture.

If you buy a share, you'll get baskets of fresh vegetables and fruits all season long.

"I think it promotes healthy eating," said Hinz. "You get a box of vegetables and you want to eat it."

It's a unique way of farming in Siouxland and Jerimiah Hinz is keeping it going with old fashioned hard work.

You can catch up with Jerimiah at the Vermillion and Sioux City Farmers Market every week.

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